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Magizoologist at Podmore Zoological Gardens
Magizoologist at Podmore Zoological Gardens

28 year old Half-Blood
5 ft. 1 in.   ❤   Courting
played by Lady
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Amelia Evans

Full Name: Amelia Ismae Evans

Nickname(s): N/A

Birthdate: May 12, 1862

Age: 28

Occupation: Apprentice Magizoologist at Podmore Zoological Gardens

Blood Status: Half-Blood

Residence: Irvingly

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Alumna

Wand: Cedar, 11", Chimera Scale, Unyielding

Jane Evans, Biological Mother [b. ----] Richard Evans, Biological Father [b. ----] Rosa-Anne Evans, Biological Sister [b. ----]
Elisabeth Evans, Aunt [b. 1850] Henry Gard Evans, Uncle [b. 1838]
Standing at 5" 1', upon first impression Amelia is not a very intimidating person. With firey auburn hair and pale skin splattered with freckles (much to her chagrin), she never thinks herself one to stand out in the crowd, either. A quiet soul by nature, she carries herself carefully, with a certain tenseness about her as if she would be the first in flight at the sign of trouble. Her most striking feature is her eyes which feature complete heterochromia; her right eye is a rich, golden amber color whilst the left is a dark brown. Orange blossoms are Amelia's favorite flower and thus their fragrance often is what follows the witch around during her daily routines. She often wears earth tones matched with some blues and greens, but is never one for extravagance unless the time calls for such. Her wand arm is her right.

Stubborn, Competitive, Bold, Slightly Skittish
☙ Language & Literature ❧
Amelia is fluent in Italian, as her aunt is Italian.

☙ Animagus / Patronus ❧
A Barn Owl

☙ Amortentia ❧
Freshly fallen rain, old leather, freshly cut grass.

☙ Boggart ❧
Her birth family happily torturing Penny and Pascal.

☙ Pets ❧
Penny; Australian Shepherd

Pascal; Maine Coon

☙ Scent ❧
Amelia wears perfumes scented with her favorite flower; orange blossoms
L    O    S    T

As far as Amelia is concerned, her only family are her aunt, uncle and beloved pets. Historically, however, one would have to press hard to coax the story out of Amelia. Born in the midst of a hail storm, Amelia was born to Jane and Richard Evans, a muggle born witch and muggle respectively. She was the second child of the pragmatic couple. The fashion in which Amelia entered her parents' world would be the exact fashion in which she would leave.

At the first sign of Amelia's emerging magic, she was shunned by her family - her mother was abhorred she had passed on her family's "wretched curse", as she would put it plainly to her youngest daughter. Rosa-Anne, however was in the clear. Quite close were the two girls as they grew up, but that all changed the instant Amelia made her older sister's dolls dance gaily around their room. Rosa-Anne's screams and hysterics brought their parents running. Nothing was to ever be the same, and Amelia, a tiny scared child would be left, feeling betrayed by her family and disgusted with her abilities.

It wasn't until Amelia's aunt and uncle caught wind of what was going on that they descended upon the Evans house like a convocation of eagles. Amelia was sent with her aunt and uncle who would then proceed to go through hell and back with the child; fits of rage and sadness descended upon their house like a storm cloud. She learned to control her magic soon enough, but the trust that had been broken by her family was shattered beyond repair. It was only when Gard, a magizoologist found a small puppy, barely a few days old, abandoned in front of their house, that Cornelia and Gard's household began to see joy from the child. The pup was named Penny and Amelia sought comfort in comforting the animal; the two had been abandoned together and they would survive together, she decided. The child was quite determined.

F    O    U    N    D

By the time Amelia received her Hogwarts letter, the atmosphere in the Evans household had much lifted its gloomy blanket to reveal a happy family. Her old family were as good as dead to her. Nightmares about that day she'd left were still frequent, but her aunt, uncle and ultimately Penny (who slept in the same room as Amelia) were the ones she sought in times of distress.

Distressed she was when she had to leave Penny at home while she went to Hogwarts. The dog somehow sensed her mistress' distress and went missing for a good few hours the day before Amelia had to leave, which sent the Evans into yet another tailspin. As Amelia neared hysterics and she was getting ready to send an owl to the school announcing she wouldn't leave unless she found her precious Penny, the culprit in question showed up at the last minute - a new friend on her back.

It was a tiny kitten, bedraggled and presumably a stray. Penny set the kitten on top of Amelia's trunk and softly woofed at her mistress, fair pushing her out the door with kitten in hand. The kitten's name would be Pascal.

H    O    G    W    A    R    T    S

Much like her early infancy, Amelia's first few moments at Hogwarts did not seem to bode well for the child. She proved herself to be a hatstall - the Sorting Hat debated for well over 3 minutes, deliberating over Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. It wasn't until the poor girl sat trembling on the stool in near tears for fear she'd get sent back that she gritted her teeth and shut her eyes in a rather comical expression that the Sorting Hat shouted GRYFFINDOR!!.

She took off running, keen to prove herself useful and worthy of using her powers. She never participated in Quidditch, though she made plenty of friends who were more than eager to teach her the ways of the odd, glorious sport played on broomsticks. It wasn't long after her first year that she easily worked her way up to the top of the class. The friends she made were fiercely loyal to her, and she to them - so much so that she went as far to set a Barnabas Skeeter's robes on fire after he rudely insulted one of her best friends, Porphyria Dempsey.

Unfortunately she didn't get away with a stunt like that without detention and points being docked - to this day it was still well worth it, if you ask her. At the end of her 7th year, getting ready for the Coming Out ball was a moment of pride for the young witch. She was a fully fledged witch, a title she once wore with shame and self disgust. Hogwarts had helped her realize her potential and her talent - so much so that she decided when she left, she would begin the process of becoming an animagus.

She didn't want to leave Hogwarts without sending a little announcement to her family. During her time at Hogwarts, she became rather skilled at spells having to do with fire - that much was apparent to most of staff when they heard about her incident involving fire and another student. So, in an announcement to her family, she sent along her well wishes...in other words, a letter that simply stated she'd graduated top of her class (except in Herbology, which she conveniently left out) and intended to pursue a career in magic. Something she knew would send her mother into fits of rage. Nothing would match the rage of the spell of flames that engulfed the letter soon after it had been read. It dissolved into a pile of ash soon after, and that was the last Amelia swore she'd have to do with her old family.

F    L    I    G    H    T

It was one summer's day, that Amelia found herself in her aunt and uncle's kitchen. All was well, except for the fact that she was covered in snowy white feathers. She'd succeeded in transforming into her Animagus form: a Snowy Owl. Penny and Pascal were rather startled at the sudden disappearance of their mistress, but soon both animals comprehended the new animal was nothing to be alarmed of.

Amelia always had a love of animals, but she discovered she had a passion for them whilst working at the Beautiful Beast Boutique. She treasured the shop in which she worked. All the animals were dear to her, and both her personal pets were allowed to accompany her to work. It was there that she found her own personal haven. All was peaceful, and calm. True to her history, it wasn't about to be very calm for long.

The day that Barnabas Skeeter walked (or rather fell) back into Amelia's life was the day that everything she knew threw itself into chaos without so much as a "by your leave". Amelia still blames Barnabas to this day for all the anxiety and turmoil he's brought back into her life (and conveniently refuses to acknowledge the fine role she played in aiding that turmoil) which includes but isn't restricted to: giving him a bloody nose, getting attacked (and more importantly having her poor pets harrassed and scarred for life) by empty hexed animal cages, attacked by Trolls - yes trolls. - giving Barnabas impromptu dunks in the Black Lake, making up and courting, getting stuck underneath spelled Mistletoe, getting drunk publicly, and being proposed to.

Since the wretched man wouldn't stop popping up everywhere in Hogsmeade - the Prophet, her dreams the gossip....honestly, does Witch Weekly have nothing else to do with their spare time? - Amelia packed up and moved to Irvingly, hoping there would be more opportunities for her there. She soon finds them in the form of an apprenticeship at Podmore Zoological Gardens with one of her dearest, bestest friends, Eavan MacKay.

Amelia can often be seen by Podmore Zoological Gardens patrons working with various animals.
Amelia has two pets: Penny, an Australian Shepherd and Pascal, a Maine Coon. Both are often seen with her either at work or around town.
She lives in Irvingly
She was mentioned in Witch Weekly as being associated with Barnabas Skeeter back in 1885. Since then they'd been mentioned in the rag multiple times with the possibility of an engagement on the horizon.
Amelia and Barnabas Skeeter officially started courting in 1886. Once it came out he was against women dueling, she immediately broke it off.
She is a registered animagus, taking the form of a Barn Owl
Barnabas asked Amelia to marry him in 1885 after an argument of theirs by the Black Lake. This resulted in her slapping him for the third time.
Amelia and Barnabas had a run in after she'd broken it off during the Leap Year Incident of 1886 wherein she got publically drunk in Padmore Park and ended up in his bed with an engagement ring. They would later confirm that they were not married. They left it with Amelia giving the ring back, transforming, and flying out the window.
Amelia's family ostracized her once they realized she was a witch. She went to live with her uncle and aunt
Played By: Lady

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  • may I present to you the post that was the deciding factor in if I should join or not. I figured if people here were as geeky about fonts as I was then this wouldn't be too bad a community Wink
  • Just anything GABB or BenAri really
  • The IC trainwreck that was Barnelia >.>
  • OMG YES THE FIRE SKIN WAS INCREDIBLE – I think that was one of my first SWP?
  • Def remember when Bree, Té and I all switched our names and I want to say Té switched first, then it was Bree and I in succession? But I feel like we were all fairly close together in terms of switching names xDD

I have some screenshots saved on my computer from LONG ago, so I thought I'd share them here. They're in link form on Imgur so I don't back up the thread lol I thiiink they're in the right order, so bottoms up as usual?

When Té got carried away with the cbox filters

Charming Helicopter Tiddies

Charming CAH Cards in the Making

One of my favorite RL moments was meeting MJ and Olive when I was studying abroad in London. I met MJ first, and was def a little bit terrified and DIDN'T tell my parents what I was doing until after the fact and after we'd hung out multiple times. Interestingly enough, my first impression about both MJ and Olive were their hair cause both have really long hair xD

Another is telling my study abroad friend Hannah about Charming and asking her if she wanted to come with MJ and me to a museum and she was super chill about it, thank god (it helps she's a huge Dr. Who and Hamilton and HP fan, so I thought they'd get along which they did). We went to the Tate and started wandering around, and came across a painting of a woman lying in a river amongst a bed of flowers. Hanna said, "That looks like Ophelia!" and MJ, bless her, said without judgment, "I think it is..." Of course, it was, and we all had a good laugh.

That's also the place where the three of us sat down to talk and then I think a museum security guard started chatting with us? Then the question of how we all knew each other came up. Both MJ and I stared at each other for a half-beat and that's when she and I referred to each other by our RL names xDD

With Olive, I was less nervous since MJ had assured me that Olive was normal for all intents and purposes (of course this was before Olive's Moldy Tomato Saga). We met at Nando's I think, and after we started talking, I think I asked Olive how old she was and she legit had to stop and think for a moment xDD

I also hope when this quarantine is all over I'll get to meet more of you! <3

Quote:Also Lady when she was still Ladybug lol.

I don't really forget this, it just kinda lives in the back of my mind and resurfaces every time Bee calls me Buggie [Image: vKZdA1.gif]

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