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Alfred Clearwater

Full Name: Alfred Evelyn Clearwater.

Nickname(s): Alfie.

Birthdate: 25th May, 1868.

Age: 19

Occupation: Mediwizard.

Blood Status: Halfblood.

Residence: Pennyworth.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw.

Wand: Ash. 13 inches. Unicorn hair centre.

Evelyn Clearwater | Father | 1829-1879
Cora Clearwater nee Wilkes | Mother | 1841-
Abigail Clearwater | Sister | 1870-
Clara Clearwater | Sister | 1873-
From the time Alfie was 14 he had one clear characteristic that was different to his peers – his height. Whilst the others grew in quite standard bursts Alfred was 5’11 by the time he was 13 and everybody else was playing catch-up, a difference that left him feeling distinctly awkward for many years, until his height was put to good use on the Quidditch team. Now standing at 6’3 he is less gangly and more assured, though no less awkward in demeanour. He dresses well enough, if sometimes a little bit haphazardly, blushes often and is usually to be found smiling at somebody or something. From his mother he inherited his fair hair and his blue eyes came from his father
Cheery and personable Alfie is an extremely easy person to get along with and precious few would have a bad word to say about him, though there is every possibility that they think him a little bit dopey. After losing his father at such a young age Alfie has struggled to adjust to being a grown man, finding himself slightly more reliant upon his mother’s advice than he would like, though this hesitancy in no way reflects upon his love and regard for her. Growing into his height and joining the Quidditch team did wonders for his confidence, though not for his exam results, and Alfie is learning from each and every mistake he makes. And mostly being cheerful about it.

+Alfie has dreams of one day returning to the world of Quidditch as a medic.
+He also has a crush that has been a long time coming on Gemma Simpson.

1868: Alfred is born, a relatively small baby ironically enough, as the first child to Evelyn and Cora Clearwater. He birth, unsurprisingly, is met with much joy and he is an extremely happy bouncing baby boy. His mother leaves behind her budding career in healing with the expectation that there will soon be more children.

1870: In due course he is joined by his first little sister – Abigail. Alfie is far too small to understand what is happening and his general happiness is not impeded a tiny iota.

1873: A few days after his second baby sister is born Alfie displays magic for the first time by making her cot rock so she’ll sleep. At the age of five he is aware that he has new responsibilities as a big brother now and the family of five are incredibly happy in the years that follow.

1879: After an extremely pleasant and uneventful childhood Alfred receives his Hogswarts letter and is thrilled to be attending. He is sorted into Ravenclaw house without much dallying on the Hat’s part and makes quick friends with his peers.

1882: Alfred returns after the summer feeling slightly… different. Rather than growing the odd inch he has instead shot up to 5’11 practically overnight and now towers above most of his peers and quite a few of his teachers. Suffice to say he feels incredibly awkward about it.

1883: Tragedy when his bellowed father is killed in a freak accident involving his work in the Beasts Division. He is devastated but eventually resolves to be strong for his mother and sisters.

1884: Entering into his sixth year Alfred decides to join the house Quidditch team to capitalise on his reach and becomes a beater for the Ravenclaw House team. He also enthusiastically began his NEWTS in COMC, Herbology, Potions, Transfiguration, Charms and DADA.

1886: His NEWT results turn out to be considerably worse than he had anticipated but Alfie, schooled in resilience and pragmatism by his mother, opts to take another route into his idea career of healing and he becomes a trainee Mediwizard.

1887: Alfie becomes a full Mediwizard after applying himself with a great deal more diligence than he did for his NEWTs and he hopes to one day advance in his career and become a Mediwizard for the Quidditch League.
Played By: Lauren

Contact: PM

Plot Preferences: Friends for Alfie please!


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