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Discovered today that spotted dick is a pudding with raisins in it. But more importantly that "dick" was the victorian word for pudding. — Fallin
His sister and her group were not yet performing, however. Instead it was a plain looking young woman that he did not recognize. She seemed to believe she was singing.
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Thread Starter: Meserimus Valenduris
Last post by: Greta Gillenwater — March 5, 2023 – 9:41 AM
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Meserimus Valenduris
Greta Gillenwater
Thread Starter: Meserimus Valenduris
Last post by: Lincoln Dashwood — March 4, 2023 – 5:25 PM
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Meserimus Valenduris
Lincoln Dashwood
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Hamish Darrow
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