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It's a sad song, but we sing it anyway
by Angelica Vorona
April 15, 2021 – 7:33 AM
The classrooms of Hogwarts come in all shapes and sizes, generally dependent upon the Professor's preference. Large and spartan; small and cozy; midsized and eccentric — like most things at the school, every aspect of every room is exceptionally protean, and given to change at any moment. The Headmaster and Professors' offices, respectively, can also be located here.

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School Hard
by Jemima Farley
March 26, 2021 – 12:35 PM
Set on the second floor of the castle, there are several large floor-to-ceiling windows that give a serene view of the lake and forest below. There tens of thousands of books on tens and thousands of shelves that cover every subject imaginable. Near the back of the library is the Restricted Section, which is roped off in order to discourage wanderers. A student must have a note from a teacher in order to be given permission to enter. There are intricately carved wooden tables scattered about the large room that are perfect for studying.

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Hospital Wing
Face, Meet Floor.
by Jemima Farley
April 4, 2021 – 8:22 PM
Located on the third floor, the hospital wing is a small section of the castle that opens up with double doors. Small hospital beds have been set up, divided by privacy curtains that can be moved around at will, each provided with a nightstand. Patients who are lucky enough to get beds by a window can enjoy a view of the lake.

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