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He has touched my ankle and seen me with my hair down (not intentionally, of course!), so I'm pretty sure I already know what it feels like to be married.Helga Scamander in Helga's Boy Book
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British Isles

Burn the Witch
by Ellory Lestrange
9 hours ago
Threads that take place around the British Isles are located inside. Wizarding families must be sure to keep themselves hidden throughout the country, with only magical areas of London serving as a safe haven.

The Sanditon Resort, Professional Quidditch Pitches

17 Topics   |   74 Posts
Around the World

Just Friends
by Penelope Fawcett
January 11, 2021 – 11:53 PM
From Germany to France and China to Russia, all threads that take place around the world can be found inside.

1 Topics   |   7 Posts
The Past

Badged at Breakfast
by Idunn Fraser
3 hours ago
Want to roleplay something that happened in the past? You can do it here.

57 Topics   |   545 Posts