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Hogwarts Calendar 1888-1889

— 09/01 (Saturday): Start of term, Sorting Ceremony and Welcome Feast
— 09/03 (Monday): Classes begin
— 09/07-09 (Friday - Sunday): Quidditch team tryouts

— 10/06 (Saturday): Hogsmeade Trip
— 10/31 (Wednesday): Halloween Feast

— 11/03 (Saturday): Quidditch Match, Gryffindor vs. Slytherin (70 - 230)
— 11/10 (Saturday): Hogsmeade Trip
— 11/25 (Sunday): Quidditch Match, Hufflepuff  vs. Ravenclaw (140 - 180)

— 12/08 (Saturday): Hogsmeade Trip
— 12/20 (Thursday): Last day of classes before winter holidays

— 01/04 (Friday): End of winter holidays; students return to school
— 01/07 (Monday): Classes resume
— 01/26 (Saturday): Hogsmeade Trip

— 02/17 (Sunday): Quidditch Match, Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin

— 03/04 (Saturday): Quidditch Match, Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff
— 03/16 (Saturday): Hogsmeade Trip

— 04/14 (Sunday): Quidditch Match, Hufflepuff vs. Slytherin
— 04/15 (Monday): Apparition Testing in the Great Hall (Optional)
— 04/19-04/22 (Friday - Monday): Easter Holidays (No Classes)

— 05/04 (Saturday): Quidditch Match, Ravenclaw vs. Gryffindor
— 05/11 (Saturday): Hogsmeade Trip
— 05/13 (Monday): OWL Astronomy and NEWT Charms
— 05/14 (Tuesday): OWL Charms and NEWT Defense Against the Dark Arts
— 05/15 (Wednesday): OWL Defense Against the Dark Arts and NEWT Herbology
— 05/16 (Thursday): OWL Herbology and NEWT History of Magic
— 05/17 (Friday): OWL History of Magic and NEWT Potions
— 05/18 (Saturday): Quidditch Cup: Teams TBA
— 05/20 (Monday): OWL Potions and NEWT Transfiguration
— 05/20-27 (Monday-Monday): Hogwarts Examinations
— 05/21 (Tuesday): OWL Transfiguration and NEWT Astronomy
— 05/22 (Wednesday): OWL and NEWT Elective Examinations
— 05/23 (Thursday): OWL and NEWT Elective Examinations
— 05/24 (Friday): OWL and NEWT Elective Examinations
— 05/30 (Thursday): Hogwarts’ Annual Coming Out Ball
— 05/31 (Friday): End of Term Feast & House Cup Awarded

— 07/29 (Monday): O.W.L. and N.E.W.T results, Hogwarts acceptance letters and supply lists (as well as Prefect and Head Boy/Girl badges) sent out.


—Third years and higher are allowed to go on Hogsmeade visits. Students who have written permission from their parents/guardians are allowed to visit their families in Hogsmeade if there is a good reason, such as a family emergency, a wedding, or a funeral. For more information on leaving school grounds, click here.

—Since it was considered improper for young ladies to walk about without chaperons, Hogwarts provides chaperons through teachers and Head of Houses as well as other staff members during Hogsmeade visits. They are assigned to a location and whomever wants to go to that particular location will be escorted there in a group. Seeing as the groups could be rather large, it would be easy to escape from the chaperon's view, though is greatly frowned upon and could result in a detention.

—O.W.L.s are tests taken by all fifth years. N.E.W.T.s are tests taken by all seventh years. Students not enrolled in the subject writing on a given day will have that day free of classes, to study for other subjects.

—Quidditch game outcomes (unplayed) are determined by die rolls, coin flips, and player ability.  

—Charming uses house points to determine the winner of the House Cup.

—To apply for a student staff position, please fill out this form and PM it to a staff member, who will then post it up for scoring in the staff forum.  For student quidditch positions, please post in maintenance to claim.

Roster of Students

First Years: 15 | Second Years: 7
Third Years: 5 | Fourth Years: 8 | Fifth Years: 13
Sixth Years: 9 | Seventh Years: 9

First Years Carius Bulstrode
Claire Bénet
Paxton Fudge
Terry Tatting
Angharad Warbeck
Second Years Sisse Thompsett
Sloane Bixby
Madeline Bell
Alcyone Slughorn
Camille Scrimgeour
Third Years Cameron Gillenwater
Hestia Fairchild
Fourth Years Edgar Rey II
Aria Belby
Alphonse Wood
Fifth Years James Grey
Minerva Nightly
Ronit Reuben
Sixth Years Prudence Browne
Royal Pyrites
Seventh Years Emmeline Woodcroft

First Years Tansy Tatting
Abraxas Crabbe  
Fleur Rey
Sybille Lukeson
Winston Halbard
Second Years Luce Faucher-De Loncrey
Third Years Arthur Price
Fourth Years Aleksei Nichols
Fifth Years Frida Lestrange
Darling Whitledge
Jemima Farley
Sixth Years Goodluck Warbeck
Seventh Years James Baird

First Years Archer Belby
Faye Rookwood
Second Years -  
Third Years Rosalind Poe
Fourth Years George Waterford
Cane Backus
Thomas Montgomery
Fifth Years Holliday Fudge
Beatrix Borgin
Citrine Weasley
Justice Rookwood
Harrison Vance
Sixth Years Acacia Ruskin
Germander Macnair
Seventh Years Ignatius Quirrell
Benjamin Turner
Rupert Bingham  
Somersby Fudge
Sherry Jewell

First Years Sirius Black
Flora Mulciber  
Joella Wood
Second Years Holly Scrimgeour
Third Years Elijah Urquart
Fourth Years Monet Brown
Fifth Years Archelaus Abney
Sage Macnair
Sixth Years Sweetie Whitledge
October Lynch
Leah Beauregard
Eldin Bones
Seventh Years Kristoffer Lestrange
Merriweather Mulciber

Prefects have a * behind their name. Years 5-7 may be appointed as prefects; one boy and one girl from each house are elected in their fifth year and carry out their duties until they leave the school.

Student Positions

Head BoyBenjamin Turner 7th Year
Head GirlApply Today!7th Year

Male PrefectsJames Grey 5th Year
Apply Today!6th Year
Apply Today!7th Year
Female PrefectsApply Today!5th Year
Apply Today!6th Year
Emmeline Woodcroft 7th Year

CaptainPrudence Browne
ChaserCameron Gillenwater
ChaserRoyal Pyrites
ChaserMadeline Bell
BeaterPrudence Browne
BeaterCarius Bulstrode
KeeperHestia Fairchild
SeekerSloane Bixby

Male PrefectsApply Today!5th Year
Apply Today!6th Year
Apply Today!7th Year
Female PrefectsFrida Lestrange 5th Year
Apply Today!6th Year
Apply Today!7th Year

CaptainGoodluck Warbeck
ChaserArthur Price
ChaserAbraxas Crabbe
Beater Available for Fall '88
KeeperJames Baird
SeekerGoodluck Warbeck

Male PrefectsApply Today!5th Year
Germander Macnair 6th Year
Benjamin Turner 7th Year
Female PrefectsBeatrix Borgin 5th Year
Apply Today!6th Year
Apply Today!7th Year

CaptainRupert Bingham
ChaserAvailable for Fall '88
ChaserCitrine Weasley
ChaserHarrison Vance
BeaterRupert Bingham
BeaterJustice Rookwood
KeeperThomas Montgomery
SeekerGeorge Waterford

Male PrefectsSage Macnair 5th Year
Eldin Bones6th Year
Kristoffer Lestrange 7th Year
Female PrefectsApply Today!5th Year
October Lynch6th Year
Apply Today!7th Year

CaptainKristoffer Lestrange
ChaserElijah Urquart
ChaserSirius Black
BeaterKristoffer Lestrange
BeaterEldin Bones
KeeperLeah Beauregard ;
SeekerArchelaus Abney

Quidditch Captains are decided based on seniority, but must be in at least fifth year. Quidditch players during this time period were typically male, due to the rough nature of the sport. To take a vacant spot, post in maintenance. Be aware that female beaters and all first years can join the team via IC tryout only. Hogwarts does not have second string quidditch teams.

Those interested in club presidencies should click here.

For a list of people who have held student staff positions in the past, click here.

N.E.W.T Course Requirements

Below are the grades required for students to enter into NEWT-level classes in a particular subject. Please note that Art, Music, and Etiquette do not have OWLs or NEWTs, but the first two are offered from third year forward, and the third is mandatory for all years. Hogwarts professors may PM any member of staff to have their requirement added to the list; until they do so, and for unfilled classes, the default requirement is a pass (A).

Alchemy -- O in Potions or HoH Reference (NEWT-level Only)
Ancient Runes Carmelina Cramming Acceptable (A)
Ancient Studies -- Acceptable (A)
Arithmancy -- Acceptable (A)
Astronomy Eloise Belby Acceptable (A)
Care of Magical Creatures Hudson Podmore Acceptable (A)
Charms Ellsworth Ruskin Aceptable (A)
Defense Against the Dark Arts Nikolai Sleptov Exceeds Expectations (E)
Divination Elliot Carmichael Acceptable (A)
Earth Magic -- Acceptable (A)
Ghoul Studies -- Acceptable (A)
Gobbledegook -- Faculty Reference Required (NEWT-level Only)
Herbology Mason Skeeter Acceptable (A)
History of Magic Hamish Darrow Exceeds Expectations (E)
Muggle Studies Jeremiah Tatting Outstanding (O)
Potions -- Acceptable (A)
Transfiguration Tae-min Yi Acceptable (A)

Student Staff Vacancies

Sometimes, student staff positions won't be filled during "prefect season" in the summer, or will become vacant via deactivations throughout the school year. Where this is the case, the staff team will follow a more streamlined process to get characters into these roles. To qualify, your character must:

  • Be the correct sex, house, and year for the vacancy.
  • Already be a prefect, if applying for Head Boy or Head Girl*.
  • Have the support of their Head of House, House Matron, or Phineas Black before applying.
  • Have 5 posts if applying within a month of creation, or 10 posts if applying a month or more after creation
If interested, please submit the following form to Aldous Crouch. Staff will review submitted applications during the first full weekend of the month as part of our Activity Check duties.

* We recognize that Head Boy and Head Girl do not need to be prefects, and allow for this during prefect season. However, such characters are rare, and so this will only be considered during  prefect season unless an Against the Odds is used.

[b]Character Name:[/b] Please tag the account!
[b]Active Thread:[/b]
[b]Applying For:[/b] What position do you want?
[b]Why Should You Be Prefect:[/b]<blockquote>An IC-meets-OOC explanation. We know that not all characters would try to talk themselves up, but if they were trying to, what would they say? Linking to posted evidence can give you a much-needed boost! Threads from previous school years may be included here as evidence!</blockquote>
[i]I have confirmed that @"Character Name", played by [u]Player[/u], would support my character for this role.[/i]
[b]Activity Log:[/b]
[*]Optional. Link to active and archived threads, class participation, homework, etc!